The planetarium at Vattenhallen science centre offered tours during Researchers’ Night in Lund 2010

Open house events or tours for the general public can be arranged at planetariums, either as general tours or specific themed tours. Tours and open house events can include lectures, film screenings, meetings with scientists/researchers or presentations of the constellations etc.

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University tours

Uppsala University.

University tours can be arranged in many different ways. They can be in the form of a general tour of the actual university or a more specific tour within a certain discipline or department. Tours can also be arranged in combination with lectures, film screenings, meetings with scientists/researchers or experiment demonstrations. Tours can be particularly useful for recruitment purposes.

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Information tent

Vetenskap & Allmänhets (VAs) årsmöte och dialogseminarium 2011ForskarFredag 2011 i Uppsala
Tent in the main square in Uppsala, Researchers’ Night 2011.

A simple and uncomplicated way of making information materials available is to set up a tent with information inside, possibly alongside other organised activities. Passers-by can enter the tent and pick up information to take with them if they want to learn more. The choice of location will largely determine the number of visitors. It is of course a good idea to place the tent where a lot of people pass by.

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Poster display

Posters about research on swords – Researchers’ Night Uppsala 2011.

A poster display is a simple display that uses boards and posters to present different areas of science. The best way to use them is for the scientist responsible for the posters to be present. One way of creating a poster display is to allow people other than the scientists themselves to create the posters.

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Outdoor exhibition

Outdoor exhibition about the solar system  – Researchers’ Night Karlstad 2010.

An outdoor exhibition will be seen by more people than those that might choose to go and see a museum exhibition. Remember that setting up outdoors usually requires more work and the weather can pose a problem. The choice of location is important as well because this will largely determine the number of people who will see it.

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