Museum exhibition

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Open house at Vänermuseet – Researchers’ Night Lidköping

Presenting a museum exhibition in connection with an open house or tour of the museum is a simple way of communicating information about a specific research field. You can offer a tour as an individual activity or combine it with other activities at the museum.

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Photography exhibition


It is possible to create an exhibition about a field of science or about the work of scientists/researchers where the message is primarily communicated through photographs. It is important to find photos that effectively present relevant scientific information, but that also capture the interest of the visitors. The choice of location is also significant because it will normally largely determine the number of visitors.

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Youth parliament

During Researchers’ Night Richard Stenlander was chosen to represent Sweden at the European Youth Science Parliament in Brussels in 2010.

A youth parliament is a forum where young people can discuss issues and have an impact. The participants discuss and analyse current issues following an initial presentation of the theme. They produce proposals for solutions and create motions. Often, final proposals are debated in the presence of decision makers.

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Seamhack, Researchers’ Night Gothenburg

Visitors can make textile products of some kind and the activity can be linked to textile science. “Seamhack” events are popular and were organised during Researchers’ Night in Gothenburg. During a “Seamhack”, participants are invited to create new, imaginative and unique designs from old clothes, remnants, buttons and other materials. They also receive more detailed information through presentations by experts, e.g. on fashion science, smart textiles and screen printing.

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