Borrow a scientist

Scientists visiting a school as part of ”Borrow a scientist” initiative, Researchers’ Night Kalmar 2009.

The concept is based on scientists or researchers visiting schools or workplaces at the request of the participants. Those who would like to borrow a scientist can send a request for a scientist specialising in a certain subject, or there is an option to select from a “menu” of available scientists from different disciplines.

The focus of the visits varies from target group to target group. Visits to schools usually focus more on the scientist as a person, while at workplace visits the conversation usually focuses more on the actual research. The scientist should be prepared for this.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Find and prepare scientists who are willing to take part; inform people and organisations about the chance to borrow a scientist and how to go about booking one. Market the activity.

Challenges: Finding scientists who are good at communicating with different target groups.

Benefits: A way of reaching people who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise participate in science communication activities. For schools and workplaces that are located far away from research institutes and universities, this activity gives them an insight into a researcher’s everyday life.

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