Chemistry shows

Experiment with liquid nitrogen at Researchers’ Night Stockholm 2007.

Chemistry shows can be presented in many ways and are a common element in events such as Researchers’ Night. It is often possible to make the shows spectacular and interesting while maintaining a clear link to research in the field of chemistry. They can be presented on a large scale on a stage, or on a smaller scale at a table etc.

To organise good chemistry shows you will normally need a scientist who can organise the show or a company or association that works with chemistry shows. Young Scientists is a non-profit association that is particularly good at organising chemistry shows.

Target group: Broad, flexible. Appeals to a younger audience.

Preparations: Find someone who can organise the chemistry show. Decide on a venue and time. Obtain materials for the experiment. Market the activity.

Challenges: Finding people who can organise the activity and creating a good format for the show.

Benefits: Very suitable for a small-scale event, usually appreciated by visitors.

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