Darwin Show

From Darwins Dilemma by Allikateatern. Photo: Allikateatern

Several science theatre performances on the scientist Charles Darwin have been set up over the years, e.g. “Darwin’s dilemma” by the theatre group, Allikateatern. The play was an art theatre performance for adults about the development of the modern theory of evolution.

The theme was described as follows:

“To go against the entire story of creation in the bible was not an easy decision to make in England in the 1850s. After years of brooding, the dilemma over Charles Darwin’s theory is being brought to a head. If he does not publish his theory now, others will beat him to it.”

Target group: For adults, but flexible.

Preparations: Find a troupe that can put on the play, or produce your own play on a Darwin theme. Find a suitable theatre and market the play.

Challenges: Finding a theatre troupe or putting on your own play.

Benefits: The theme has worked well in past performances and been enjoyed and appreciated by the audiences.

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