Draw a scientist


Drawing a scientist is a simple and interesting competitive task for a younger target group. Also, these kinds of competitions usually reveal what a stereotypical scientist looks like and the results can therefore be interesting to study. Researchers’ Night held a competition called “Draw yourself as a scientist!” in 2007 and 3,000 children and young people sent in drawings of themselves as adult scientists. The competition was set up in such a way as to avoid getting drawings that were too stereotypical.

A report entitled ”Myself as a Researcher – an Analysis of Children´s Images of Scientists” analyses the drawings from the 2007 Researchers’ Night competition. (VA) Public & Science compiled a report that same year about the image young people have of scientists from the media.

Target group: Suitable for a young target group.

Preparations: Appoint a person to be in charge of the competition and who can provide instructions and assistance, decide on the rules for the entry format and how drawings should be submitted and judged. Organise the necessary materials. Decide on suitable prizes and how the prize giving will take place. Market the activity.

Challenges: Creating the judging criteria and adhering to them. Creating a good format for a possible prize giving ceremony and getting people to attend it.

Benefits: Provides interesting materials to study. A good theme for a drawing competition. No expensive materials are needed.

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