Energy game


The point of this game is to teach the participants more about energy and its different sources in an enjoyable way. It has been used at Researchers’ Night events many times. One example is the computer game PowerHouse where people learn about easy ways to save energy and money.

You can, of course, create other types of game with an energy theme, such as quizzes about energy, the environment or the climate. Another example is “A lot of energy for nothing” – demonstrating how much energy electrical appliances use when they are on standby and how far one kWh actually goes.

Target group: Suitable for young people, but can be adapted.

Preparations: Find someone to run the game, decide on a venue and time. Organise the necessary materials. Create a game if necessary. Market the activity.

Challenges: Getting people to stop and play.

Benefits: A simple way to provide information about a very topical and socially relevant issue.

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