Excursion in Flemingsberg.

Inviting people along for an excursion is a simple way of presenting scientific work in the field. The excursion destination and information to be provided need to be carefully prepared. Group size and how many participants register for an excursion are other important variables.

Geographic excursions and excursions to a mill are examples of activities offered during Researchers’ Night events.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Choose an appropriate excursion destination and format. Decide on a suitable size for the groups and if and how people should register for the event. Inform people about how to register. If necessary, remember to give people clear information about any necessary equipment or appropriate clothing for the excursion. Market the activity.

Challenges: Adapting the content of the excursion to the age and interests of participants. Finding a suitable format.

Benefits: An exciting and new activity for most participants. A good opportunity for participants to meet researchers and try research work in the field.

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