Idea competition

A wall at Researchers’ Night in Stockholm 2011 where visitors could stick notes saying what they would like to research about.

A classic competition is one where participants compete with ideas. The concept is simple: the person with the best idea in a certain area wins. The competition requires no materials, is easy to implement and can be linked to many different fields of research.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparation: Decide on a format for the entries and how they will be submitted and judged. Decide on a suitable prize and on a format for the prize giving. Market the activity.

Challenges: Deciding on judging criteria and adhering to them. Finding a good format for a prize giving ceremony and getting people to attend it. Marketing the competition so that enough entries are submitted.

Benefits: Easy to organise. Promotes cooperation with other partners, such as local and regional authorities or cultural administrations.

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