Stockholm’s improvisation theatre Researchers’ Night Stockholm 2010

This type of theatre requires relatively little preparation and relies instead on improvisation. The art of performing without a script is found all around the world. Often the public is invited to choose a theme for the improvisation, e.g. by indicating where the scene should be set, what professions and characteristics the participants should have etc.

Stockholm’s Improvisation Theatre developed a performance in cooperation with VA (Public & Science) for Researchers’ Night on asthma and allergies. The actors improvised scenes on what it is like to suffer from asthma and allergies, interspersed with explanatory elements from a researcher in the field.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Plan a theme and format and book a venue. Market the event.

Challenges: The result is very much dependent on the standard of improvisation.

Benefits: Requires relatively little preparation. Very popular among young people.

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