Information table


A simple and uncomplicated way of making information materials available is to set up a table and place the materials on it. Visitors can browse through the information. Materials are usually available for visitors to take with them as well.

The choice of location for the table will be largely determined by the number of visitors. Naturally, it is a good idea to place the table where plenty of people pass by. A person should sit at the table to allow for dialogue and two-way communication.

Target group: Depends on the type of information.

Preparations: Deciding where to place the table and which materials to make available. Create or order the materials. Market the activity.

Challenges: Making the table interesting so that people will stop and take in the information. Deciding on the quantity of materials you need for people to take with them.

Benefits: Simple and allows visitors to choose materials that interest them to take with them and read later. The table can be placed where a lot of people pass by.

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