Laboratories often offer good opportunities for presenting current research and experiments. However, it is usually necessary for someone to explain the research to the visitors, and to demonstrate and manage any experiments. Inside the laboratory visitors can to meet the scientists in their work environment and ask questions.


Most visitors will never have been inside a lab before, which increases interest in the activity.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Prepare information about the lab and any experiments to be demonstrated, and make sure that there are scientists present at all times. Distribute information about the activity and how to get to the lab.

Challenges: Preparing and adapting information about advanced research to the target audience. Making the environment safe and comfortable for large groups of visitors and attracting visitors to visit to the laboratory.

Benefits: A good opportunity to show scientists in their workplace and show an interesting environment that few people normally visit. Provides an opportunity to demonstrate experiments and current research.

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