Lecture with text message questions

Özz Nujen moderating a panel debate at Researchers’ Night in Trollhättan 2011 with text messages on the screen.

Using a text message service to send questions during a lecture gives the audience the opportunity to ask questions directly and to have an impact on the lecture.

Displaying text messages on a screen (after they have been reviewed and approved) allows the participants to express their opinions, ask questions and comment, which makes the lecture more interesting for the audience who feel they more involved.

Text message services can be purchased from numerous suppliers.

Target Group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Find a lecturer, text message service and venue. Inform people about the activity. Prepare suitable questions in consultation with the lecturer to launch a dialogue. Market the activity.

Challenges: Finding a text messaging service for a reasonable price.

Benefits: A text message service increases interaction and can attract more participants.

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