Marketing Essentials


Marketing essentials

Marketing is crucial for the success of a research communication activity.

The most common methods are:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Media coverage (press releases, press invitations, joint events etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Listings in event calendars
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)
  • Newsletters – your own and from other organisations, websites and publications

Planning and marketing a number of research communication activities simultaneously may be an effective approach. Invite people who are interested to provide their e-mail address so they can receive information about upcoming activities.

Plan your marketing activities well in advance. Establish the programme early on and check that no other events are competing for the same target groups at the same time.

Remember to market the activities at the venue using large posters, balloons, coloured streamers etc. to show that something is going to happen “RIGHT HERE.” Attracting attention to an event ahead of time will make marketing it more successful.

Pick up on current news and buzzwords to link to your event’s theme so you can market the event more effectively.

Monitor the media to see which media and target groups are picking up on the various marketing activities. This will allow you improve your marketing next time.

Good luck!

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