Kalmar Läns Museum
Photo: Pierre Rosberg

Tours of museums can be arranged as pre-booked or open house events. Tours can be general or can be specific tours of certain exhibits. Museums are also suitable venues for open house events.

Tours or open house events can be offered in combination with lectures, film screenings, meetings with researchers or experiment demonstrations. To make them more attractive, tours and open house events could also include “behind the scenes” tours, and tours of the museum’s research department.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Choose exhibits, prepare information and possible activities. Inform people that they will have a different kind of access to the museum during an open house or tour. Market the activity.

Challenges: Getting people to attend; many people may have visited the museum before; sometimes museums are located outside of town centres.

Benefits: Museums are designed to present and inform people about different subjects. There is often plenty of interesting material already available.

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