Name competition

Naming the robot dinosaurs at Researchers’ Night in Trollhättan 2011.

Arranging a short story competition on a certain theme can yield many interesting and well-written entries. It is important to announce the competition well in advance so that the participants have time to write their short stories. Often the number of people who send in entries to this type of competition is quite small because it takes a while to write a short story. The competition can be linked to many different research areas.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Decide on a format for the entries and how they should be submitted and judged. Decide on a suitable prize and on a format for the prize giving. Market the activity.

Challenges: Marketing the competition so that enough entries are submitted. Finding a good format for a possible prize giving ceremony and getting people to attend it.

Benefits: Easy to organise and often yields names that can be used. The media find it interesting.

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