Panel debate

Panel debate with researchers at Researchers’ Night in Stockholm 2007.

Organising a debate with one or more researchers/scientists can make for an interesting and dynamic conversation if the panel has the right composition.

It is important to engage an experienced moderator and researchers who can provide different perspectives on a subject at a level that is appropriate for the audience. Consider the gender balance in the panel. Questions from the public should be encouraged to launch a dialogue. Choosing a venue, time and duration for the debate are other important considerations, as is marketing.

Target Group: Broad, flexible. Not usually suitable for the youngest audience.

Preparations: Find panel participants and a moderator for the debate. Book a suitable venue. Inform people about the activity and prepare the debate with the moderator. Prepare the researchers, both in terms of content and microphone technique. Market the activity.

Challenges: Assembling a balanced panel and finding a good moderator.

Benefits: A good panel can make the debate interesting, entertaining and educational.

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