Photography competition

Entries in a photography competition organised by Researchers’ Night in Skellefteå 2008.

As more and more people have digital cameras or camera phones it is relatively easy to get a lot of people to take part in a photography competition. The challenge can be deciding on a good theme with a research/science connection and an efficient way of gathering and displaying the photos. Another aspect that can be hard to organise is a prize giving ceremony. Remember to market the competition in advance.

If images are to be submitted as developed or printed photos, you need to have a final registration deadline. The images can be presented on digital or physical displays, projected or uploaded on a website, in which case, entries could be submitted and winners selected on the same day. Digital cameras in mobile devices as well as social media make it possible to spread the competition images and quickly gather photo entries.

Researchers’ Night organised a photography competition in 2008 called “Researchers in Focus!”

Target group: Suitable for a broad target group.

Preparations: Appoint a person to be in charge of the competition and who can provide instructions and assistance. Decide on a format for the entries and how they will be submitted and judged. Organise the necessary materials. Decide on a format for the prize giving ceremony and how to display the images. Choose an appropriate prize. Market the activity.

Challenges: Finding appropriate judging criteria and adhering to them. Finding an effective way of displaying the entries. Deciding on the format for a possible prize giving and getting people to attend it.

Benefits: May result in popular photo exhibits that can also be presented digitally.

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