The planetarium at Vattenhallen science centre offered tours during Researchers’ Night in Lund 2010

Open house events or tours for the general public can be arranged at planetariums, either as general tours or specific themed tours. Tours and open house events can include lectures, film screenings, meetings with scientists/researchers or presentations of the constellations etc.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Prepare information about the planetarium and experiments. Make sure that scientists/researchers are present throughout the event. Market the activity.

Challenges: Preparing and adapting information about advanced research for the target group; making the environment safe and comfortable for a potentially large number of visitors. Inform people that they will have a different kind of experience of the planetarium when they attend an open house or tour. Market the event.

Benefits: Good opportunity to present scientists in an exciting environment. Visitor-friendly environment where much is already prepared.

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