A Marie Curie quiz about EU research at Researchers’ Night in Stockholm 2011.

Quizzes of various kinds are usually very popular. The participants can mark 1, X or 2 on their answer sheets to answer different questions posed by a quiz master or scientist participating in the event. A quiz where the participants are required to talk to the researchers to get the answers is an effective way of initiating dialogue. The quiz is even more appreciated if it takes place at a pleasant venue where the participants can talk to each other and perhaps have a drink or bite to eat together as well. Another alternative is to set out the questions at different stations manned by researchers in different disciplines.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Appoint a quiz master who can produce questions and instructions. Decide on a venue for the quiz. Produce the questions in consultation with scientists as well as the necessary materials. Decide on a possible prize. Market the activity.

Challenges: Finding a good venue and good questions for the quiz. Requires quite a lot of preparation.

Benefits: Usually an enjoyable and much appreciated activity.

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