Research facilities

The research centre Station Linné on Öland during Researchers’ Night  Kalmar/Kronobrerg 2011.

A research facility can hold an open house for a day or an evening, with or without a tour, and present its work to the general public. Research facilities are often able to present current research and experiments. It is usually necessary for someone to explain the research to the visitors and to demonstrate or conduct the experiments.


At research facilities there are also opportunities for visitors to meet scientists in their own environment and ask questions.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Prepare information about the facility and any experiments to be demonstrated. Make sure that researchers are available the entire time the facility is open to the public. Spread information about the activity and how visitors can get there.

Challenges: Preparing and adapting information about advanced research for the target groups; making the environment safe and comfortable for large groups of visitors; making sure that people come to the facility.

Benefits: Good opportunity to show researchers in their own milieu. An interesting environment that few people get to see, and an opportunity to present experiments and current research.

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