Science Slam

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A Science Slam is a way to share research with the public in an entertaining way. Six researchers give presentations to an audience on completely different topics of current, socially beneficial research. The audience is the jury and votes for the person that can inform, entertain and engage the audience the best with their presentations. The researchers present their research in a given time frame, maximum eight minutes. They may use props to support their presentation and engage the audience with props, such images, videos and objects. Inspired by the concept of Poetry Slam, where poets recite original work in front of an audience that votes the winner. The first Science Slam was held in Braunschweig in Germany in 2008.

Target group: Broad, flexible.

Preparations: Find researchers who are willing to participate and prepare them beforehand. Engage a suitable compere to host the event. Advertise the activity.

Challenges: Finding researchers who are good at communicating with different audiences. Ensure the researchers receive adequate coaching prior to their performances. Make sure that the audience can vote in a simple way.

Benefits: A good way to reach members of public who may not otherwise participate in science communication activities.

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