The science centre Universeum in Gothenburg organised Researchers’ Night in 2006.

Tours of zoos and animal parks can be offered as pre-booked or open events. Tours can be general or specific themed tours of certain animals or areas. Zoos are also suitable venues for open houses. Meetings with experts can offer more interaction and allow the public to get closer to various animals and study them in more detail.

Target group: Broad, flexible. Child and family-friendly environment.

Preparations: Prepare information about the animals, special tours and themes. Make sure that there are experts available throughout the opening hours. Inform people that they will have a different kind of access to the zoo when they attend an open house or tour. Market the activity.

Challenges: Conveying information about research and science while visitors look at the animals. Getting people to come; many people may have already been to the zoo. Zoos are sometimes located some distance from towns.

Benefits: Visitor-friendly environment where much is already prepared.

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